Information Technology of Administration Engineer

I welcome you to the Information Technology I course, for engineering students in administration at the Technological Institute of Nuevo Laredo, my name is Hugo Gilberto GarcĂ­a Guerra, I am a professor in the Department of Economic and Administrative Sciences and from now on we will share together this teaching-learning process that will be very useful in the professional training of all of you. This space aims to consolidate itself as an interactive bridge between the students of the group and the teacher of the subject.

In this space you can download the texts that we will study in class. Therefore, participation is essential to complement the knowledge seen in class through the new information technologies. To be successful, they must read the material already selected and established, but above all try to read and understand the different facets of these documents in these documents. I urge you to make good use of the content of this educational space and to help us enrich it.

As a teacher, I appreciate conformity, I acknowledge all the extraordinary efforts my students make; but I am also an enemy of irresponsibility.

Regarding the accreditation of the subject I. The career courses in the school system are face-to-face (attendance greater than 85%, if less, they suspend the unit or, where appropriate, the subject). II. The passing grade scale for each unit and final is 70 to 100, lower than this is NA (Not credited) III. The final grade is obtained from the arithmetic mean of all the didactic units provided that all the units are accredited and the total of the practices has been issued. IV. The student will have the right to a regularization exam for each of the failed units, only if she has accredited at least 40% of the total units.

V. After the regularization exam, the student will have the right to an extraordinary exam for each of the non-accredited units, only if she has accredited at least 70% of the total of the units and is not repeater.

VIEWED. Copying in exams and homework is penalized with 0 (zero) of its assigned value. If a student is caught copying or consulting an "accordion" during quick or partial exams, they will be penalized with: 0 (zero out of one hundred) of the exam grade and if they are caught in the final exam, they will receive 0 (zero out of one hundred) final note on the subject. In both cases, a note will be sent to the Course Directorate and the School Control Department for classification in the file of the interested student (s).

Note: Due to previous experience, in computer-related subjects he usually fails between 20% and 30%, generally those who fail are absent and late students, who tend to be those who have little participation in practices and tasks.

All the exams will be computer-based practice (there are only two options, DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO WHAT THEY ASK YOU OR YOU DON'T KNOW), the questions are randomized several times and each student has a different exam than their peers.


In this course, students must attend all classes on time.

1. Attendance will be taken in all classes.

2. By regulation to accredit the course, attendance greater than 85% is required (more than 2 absences in a month implies the failure of the unit and its presentation in leveling).

3. Only a 10 minute delay is allowed, after which the door will be closed and attendance will be taken.

4. There are no “delays” (just presence or absence).

5. The delivery of tasks and projects must be carried out on the established day. LATE TASKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

6. Assignments are printed, unless otherwise specified.

7. Cell phones must be turned off upon entering class (failure to comply results in a penalty).

8. The use of MP3 in class is not allowed (this implies a penalty).

9. The projects will be carried out in teams of 2 or 3 people.


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